Window Repair

A List of Services Provided by a Glazier

If there’s one main element that most modern homes will feature, its windows. These facilities aren’t just for letting light in, they are also vital for insulation and offer a great method of ventilation during those warm summer months. When it comes to the repair, maintenance and installation of windows, there’s no better expert than a window specialist – so here’s a closer look at the services provided by a glazier.

Window installation

One of the most common reasons for hiring a glazier in Australia relates to the installation of windows and glass panels. An expert will be able to secure the foundations, implement a frame and then install the necessary panels of glass as quickly and efficiently as possible. They can even add an additional layer of insulation around the edges of the frame, and there’s no limit to the size and shape of the windows that need to be installed.

Glass repair

Another common service relates to glass repair and a good service provider will be able to help with cracks and chips in a matter of hours. Using a high strength resin and an advanced injection method, it’s entirely possible to reinforce the strength of a window. An expert will also be able to fill in cracks and chips via other unique methods, or replace blown windows that have been exposed to extreme temperatures and suffered damage as a result.

Glass replacement

As strong as the glass used within homes might be, it’s still glass and can therefore be prone to shattering if damaged. It’s impossible to piece together individual pieces of glass, so a replacement is sometimes the only option. Fortunately, most glaziers will specialise in this service and they will be able to clear any remnants of glass from a particular window, before fitting a new pane and securing it in place. This process can be undertaken and completed in less than a couple of hours – and considering the risk associated with attempting the process yourself, it’s always advisable to get in touch with a professional.