Excavator Finance Options

There aren’t many construction sites that won’t employ the use of an excavator from time to time – and with their powerful hydraulics and sheer size, it’s no wonder why they are so popular with construction and demolition projects alike. Excavators can serve a variety of purposes, with some of their most common tasks relating to:

  • Clearing vast quantities of debris from areas, in preparation for construction
  • Flattening ground for construction purposes
  • Knocking down smaller obstacles for demolition projects
  • Transporting soil, bricks and other materials for use in construction

There are dozens of other uses that these devices can be tasked with, and although their size and strength can be an asset to any development project; it doesn’t come without a price.

Even the simplest model can cost well over $100,000 and the most versatile can cost upwards of $300,000 – almost as much as a house. There’s no denying that the machines will work for their money in the long run, but how can a small construction agency even hope to purchase one of these behemoths without the proper financial capabilities?

Turning to Excavator Finance Options

There are many lending agencies out there that specialise in providing financial support to businesses. Some even focus on particular items of machinery, such as tractors, forklifts and excavators. These lenders can be the ideal solution for companies in need of financial aid – and where the company may have needed to save up for years to purchase a vehicle of this value; lenders make it easy to borrow cash, pay for what’s needed and then repay what was borrowed over time.

As timeframes are fairly flexible, a construction company could put their new vehicle to use immediately, whilst minimising their costs by paying their loan back over the course of a few years, or longer if necessary. That’s the beauty of finance; it can be customised to suit the borrowers’ requirements, whilst ensuring that payments are as simple and straight forward to keep on top of as possible.